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The Astrological Essences, Essence Oils & Mysts

These Essences were designed for people who have a strong interest in Astrology as Professionals, Students or simply those who love and use Astrology for themselves in their daily lives. They can of course be used by anyone who wants a deeper and more profound understanding of Astrology in order to make their lives more enjoyable and positive. Whether you are brand new to Astrology or an old hand, we hope that you find essences here that can help you to understand and express the best that your chart symbolises for you and for anyone that you may counsel as an astrologer.

Chinese Astrology Essences, Essence Oils & Mysts
This group of essences started off with a series of synchronistic events that I found not only interesting but validating as well. I felt drawn to producing an essence to honor the Water Horse for this Chinese year of 2002. A friend of mine even before she heard of this current project "happened" to send me the traditional poem describing The Horse. Then out of the blue, my distributor for Japan and beloved Soul Daughter Shion emailed me asking if I could produce an essence for each of these animals! The third event happened when I told my dear friend Jackie about Shion's request, she generously took the time and trouble to send me all twelve of the poems the following day! I knew the that this group of essences needed to be completed and uploaded to the web site and in doing so, it would be a grand way to honor the Water Horse who started this whole process for me! Instead of redefining what the Chinese have already written so beautifully, I have included each of the poems below as a reference for the intent of each essence.

Along with the Animal there are ten stems or elements that can also be included. For example, I am a Metal Rat and if someone knows what his or her stem is (Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology sites will often have a feature to help you determine both the Stem (element) and Animal) the element can be included with the Animal. Each of these essences is based on the highest traditional energies of your Animal. The essences can be used to help you better understand your own inner nature, the talents and abilities your Animal has gifted you with or you can use the essence to help you better understand someone whose sign is in conflict with your own. And of course the essences may also be used to honor the current Animal for the year to deflect bad luck and attract good fortune!

The Astrological House & Aspect Essences, Essence Oils & Mysts
These Essences are comprised of a blend of Flower and Gem essences intended to help one understand the symbology of each house as well as the positive activation of same. The houses in an astrological chart show where the different signs and planetary energies are going to be played out in the life. They can be likened to a stage, this is where all the actors of your life's play connect and interact with one another.

Each house is important though often emphasis is placed on the houses that represent money (the Second house), Fame or Career (The Tenth house), or Relationships such as Marriage (the Seventh house). Yet someone can attract much money (second house) and not be able to communicate well (third house) with the person or persons whom are managing their money for them (Sixth house) and thus may also lose that money. Likewise, someone may work hard with the energies found in the seventh house of marriage and other committed relationships and yet may be projecting parental issues (fourth and tenth houses) onto the partner without realizing it because the issues are so unconscious (twelfth house) and thus lose the relationship. As you can see, all of the houses play off of one another in some way. The thrust of the Soul and the Individual IS to become individualized and whole, and astrology is one tool that a person may use to better understand themselves and their potential in life. Becoming whole is about looking at all the different aspects of yourself, the bits you like and the bits you don't like. Beginning with the astrological houses themselves and grasping their deeper symbolism and importance can assist you in understanding why you do better in some areas of life than others and also what you can do to improve the areas of yourself and your life that are not the way you would like them to be.

While I have included some information about each of the houses, there is only so much that I can offer here and I encourage anyone interested in working with these essences to look into the many fine astrology books on the market today that will help you better understand not only the houses, but the signs and planets as well. Astrology is such an invaluable tool and I hope that these essences will also prove to you to be a valuable tool in better understanding not only more of what astrology has to offer, but to help you unlock more of your own potential.

The Astrological Aspects Essences
As with our Astrological House Essences, these Essences are comprised of a blend of Flower and Gem essences intended to help one understand the symbology of different aspects that may be found in one's natal chart as well as the positive activation of same. The aspects in an astrological chart show how the different planetary energies work together within your life. Where the houses are the stage, the aspects can be viewed as the underlying dynamics that are happening between the different "actors".

While I have included some information about each of the aspects, there is only so much that I can offer here and I encourage anyone interested in working with these essences to look into the many fine astrology books on the market today that will help you better understand not only the aspects, but the houses, signs and planets themselves as well. Astrology is such an invaluable tool and I hope that these essences will also prove to you to be a valuable tool in better understanding not only more of what astrology has to offer, but to help you unlock more of your own potential.

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Astrological Essences Essential Oils

Solar/Lunar Essences
These essences help us to move through cycles of change, as well as helping us to break free from that which limits us or holds us back.
Breaking through the darkness into the light of a new day.
Rose Geranium, Clary Sage & Angelica
Reaching the pinnacle of success in all endeavors. Things move quickly with this Essence, so be sure you truly want what you are asking for.
Gingergrass, Black Pepper & Lime
Accessing the power gate that occurs at this hour. Excellent for boosting ritual energy, creative visualization or prayer.
Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Blue Tansy
Solar Fire in Winter
A very intense Essence for breakthroughs in consciousness, gaining clarity into problems or obstacles.
Clary Sage, Lime & Black Pepper
New Moon
Creative new beginnings. Following impulses that bring about a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.
Angelica, Blue Tansy & Ylang Ylang
Crescent Moon
Breaking free from the chains of the past. Meeting intense challenges head on and emerging victorious.
Black Pepper, Angelica & Jasmine
First Quarter
Clearing away old forms and structures so that new ones can be born. Releasing the need for crises and drama.
Neroli, Cedar & Black Spruce
Gibbous Moon
Enhances personal growth and self-discovery. Understanding who you really are, discovering your purpose in life. Reaching out for true fulfillment and satisfaction.
Clary Sage, Orange Blossom Absolute & Rose
Full Moon
Finding completion and wholeness within oneself. Releasing crises over relationships. Reaching towards and experiencing Enlightenment.
Lavender, Angelica & Rose
Enhances one's ability to communicate. Excellent for Poets, Writers, Singers, and Artists. Sharing with others what you have experienced and integrated.
Blue Tansy, Clary Sage & Jasmine
Last Quarter
For those who feel they do not fit in, finding one's niche. Expressing who you really are even when it goes against the "norm".
Black Pepper, Tangerine & Jasmine
Pursuing one's destiny with clarity and joy. Those who feel restricted by others benefit from this Essence as it helps one break free to pursue one's individuality.
Black Pepper, Clary Sage & Rose Geranium
Nodes Of The Moon
These are unique Essences designed to assist one in integrating the Natal Nodal Axis. They can also be used for Secondary Progressions, Solar Arcs or returns. The North node is your destiny, what you are growing towards, while the South Node represents where you have been and what you have (hopefully) mastered. Since the pull of the South Node is so strong, ( because it is familiar), conscious effort must be made to journey towards the fulfillment of the North Node.

Integrating independence with partnership, self love with love of others, what you desire with what others desire.
Rose Geranium, Clary Sage & Black Pepper

Integrating intimacy with sexuality, rejuvenation with death, stillness with fixity of purpose.
Black Spruce, Neroli & Cedar
Integrating curiosity for it's own sake higher knowledge, openness to others values with choosing those that ring true to the deepest part of one's being , trivia with facts.
Blue Tansy, Clary Sage & Black Pepper
Integrating home and family with worldly or career concerns, sensitivity with realism, nurturing with tough love.
Rose, Lavender & Oakmoss
Integrating the self with the Universe, self-awareness with concern for Universal issues, desire to be admired and looked up to with marching to the beat of a different drummer.
Blue Tansy, Jasmine & Rose
Integrating earthly concerned with the spiritual, perfectionism with letting go, criticism with acceptance of what is.
Angelica, Sandalwood & Jasmine
Planetary Essences
These Essences were channeled to bring out the highest expression of each planet. They can be used separately or in combination to enhance and balance the function of each planetary placement in one's horoscope.
The expression of the soul's fundamental purpose for incarnation. Strengthening the primary ego in it's highest form.
Bergamot, Gingergrass & Frankincense
Learning to fulfill one's emotional needs from within. Very helpful for issues of obesity, mother and mothering.
Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Jonquille Absolute
Learning to communicate from the depths of one's soul. Hearing and following one's inner guidance.
Blue Tansy, Clary Sage & Orange Blossom Absolute
for issues of love, luxury and allowing oneself to have more. Learning to create fulfilling, balanced personal relationships and partnerships. Rejecting the desire to project fantasies onto real people.
Jasmine, Tuberose Absolute & Jonquille Absolute
Harnessing one's drive and power to succeed in any endeavor and doing so in a way that is for the higher good of all.
Bergamot, Cedar & Black Pepper
Releasing dogma, self- righteousness. Seeking one's inner truth and destiny. Helps one to create one's own luck and good fortune, seizing the right opportunities as they are presented.
Lime, Cedar & Black Pepper
Releasing restrictions, road blocks, obstacles. Balancing work with play, duty with a higher purpose, and learning to become one's own authority.
Rose Geranium, Neroli & Oakmoss
Marching to the beat of a different drummer. Allowing oneself to be unique and unusual. Breaking through limits in consciousness.
Clary Sage, Lime & Black Pepper
Integrating fantasy with concrete steps to make one's goals a reality. Greatly enhance spirituality and creativity. Moving into the higher flow.
Ylang Ylang, Jasmine & Frankincense
Transformation and growth through release of what has been outgrown. Claiming one's power. Enhances innate talents of mediumship. Helps to resolve and release Plutonian issues of trauma and abuse.
Lavender, Cedar & Black Spruce
Retrograde Planetary Essences
These Essences are to be used during the retrograde cycles of a planet or for a better understanding of events that occurred while a planet was retrograde.
Mercury Retrograde
Clary Sage, Sandalwood & Black Pepper
Venus Retrograde
Lavender, Jasmine & Rose Geranium
Mars Retrograde
Gingergrass, Cedar & Black Spruce
Jupiter Retrograde
Angelica, Tuberose & Oakmoss
Saturn Retrograde
Sweet Orange, Black Pepper & Oakmoss
Uranus Retrograde
Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange & Lime
Neptune Retrograde
Lavender, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang
Pluto Retrograde
Lavender, Neroli & Sandalwood
Transneptunian Planets Essences
These are points in our solar system that function as actual planets. Their impact on our lives is substantial when they are in aspect to important areas of our natal charts. Because they move so slowly, when a Transneptunian planet comes into exact aspect with another planet or angle in the natal chart, the affect can be quite profound and far-reaching. This group of essences helps us to integrate the energies of the Transneptunians by natal and transiting aspect connection.
Excellent for musicians or anyone involved in an endeavor that requires repetition and frequent practice. Also for terminating circumstances that go round and round with no escape evident.
Bergamot, Frankicense & Oakmoss
For those seeking to reach the highest pinnacles of success.
Absolute, Frankincense & Oakmoss
Redefining partnerships such as marriage. Helps to create a sense of harmony when working in large groups or organizations. Also excellent for reestablishing family relationships that have been fractured.
Rose, Neroli & Ylang Ylang
Cleaning up karma, tapping into past life talents and experiences. Also excellent for those involved in step parent/child relationships.
 Cedar, Black Spruce & White Sage
Reaching one's highest potential. Becoming one's highest authority. Learning to work within structures.
Rose Geranium, Lime & Oakmoss
Embracing and living the highest expressions of spirituality. Excellent for anyone involved in the Arts, as this Essence enhances inspiration and creativity.
Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Frankincense
Finding great strength from within. The ability to overcome limitation through sheer determination and drive. Excellent for focusing on the matter at hand and working it through.
Orange Blossom Absolute, Myrrh & Frankincense
Excellent for learning to channel one's anger into positive expressions. Becoming a voice of principle without becoming dogmatic or holier than thou. Getting in touch with one's inner truth. An excellent Essence for speakers, lecturers, etc.
Gingergrass, Lime & Black Pepper
Arabic Parts Essences
These Essences were channeled by "The Council", a spiritual hierarchy consisting of 12 Master teachers and guides.
Meeting deadlines, reaching goals of all kinds, both spiritual and earthly.
Rose Geranium, Frankincense & Oakmoss
An excellent Essence for anyone interested in this sacred art. Learning to read the blue print of the Soul's journey through time and space.
Blue Tansy, Clary Sage & Black Pepper
For those who feel stuck in a rut, this Essence helps to bring about desired changes.
Sweet Orange, Lime & Pink Grapefruit
For those undergoing difficult or hostile separations. Brings peace and clarity surrounding the issues involved. Allows one to let go and move on.
Lavender, Clary Sage & Sandalwood
Draws one's higher good in all forms.
Clary Sage & Black Pepper
For being who one truly is while finding one's place in society.
Tangerine, Lime & Black Pepper
An excellent Essence for love in all it's forms, especially Divine love.
Ylang Ylang & Joquille
Discovering one's rightful career that is both fulfilling and satisfying.
Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit & Black Pepper
Radical Change
For restoring peace and balance while undergoing sudden changes either positive and traumatic.
Lavender, Blue Tansy & Jasmine
Ritual Ceremonies
For those interested in ritual and magic, this Essence boosts the energy and draws blessings.
Angelica, Black Pepper and Rose
Experiencing the highest aspects of sex both for pleasure and as a creative force.
Gingergrass, Ylang Ylang & Black Pepper

For those who commit through legal marriage or other means. Brings peace, blessings and wisdom.
Tuberose Absolute, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood


  Chinese Astrology Years  
The Rat
I am the self-proclaimed acquisition. I am a link yet I function as a complete unit. I aim at encompassing heights and strike my target, sure and steady. Life is one joyous journey for me. Each search must end with a new quest. I am progress, exploration and insight. I am the womb of activity. I AM THE RAT.
Black Pepper, Tangerine & Oakmoss
The Ox
Mine is the stabilizing force that perpetuates the cycle of life. I stand immobile against the test of adversity, resolute and unimpeachable. I seek to serve integrity, to bear the burdens of righteousness. I abide the laws of nature patiently pushing the wheel of Fate. Thus, I shall weave my destiny. I AM THE OX.
Rose Geranium, Vetiver & Oakmoss
The Tiger
I am the delightful Paradox. All the world is my stage. I set new trails ablaze, I seek the unattainable, and try the untried. I dance to life's music in gay abandon. Come with me on my carousel rides. See the myriad of colors, the flickering lights. All hail me the unparalleled performer. I AM THE TIGER.
Gingergrass, Black Pepper & Frankincense
The Rabbit
I am in tune with the pulse of the universe. In my quiet and solitude I hear the melodies of the soul. I float above commonplace dissent and decay. I subdue by my ability to conform. I color my world in delicate pastel hues. I epitomize harmony and inner peace. I AM THE RABBIT.
Blue Tansy, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang
The Dragon
I am an unquenchable fire, the center of all energy, the stout heroic heart. I am truth and light, I hold power and glory in my sway. My presence disperses dark clouds. I have been chosen to tame the Fates. I AM THE DRAGON.
Gingergrass, Sandalwood & Frankincense
The Snake
Mine is the wisdom of the ages. I hold the key to the mysteries of life. Casting my seeds on fertile ground, I nurture them with constancy and purpose. My sights are fixed. My gaze unchanging. Unyielding, inexorable and deep, I advance with steady, unslacked gait, the solid earth beneath me. I AM THE SNAKE.
Vetiver, Cedar & Oakmoss
The Horse
I am the Kaleidoscope of the mind. I impart light, color and perpetual motion. I think, I see, I am moved by electric fluidity. Constant only in my inconstancy, I am unshackled by mundane holds, unchecked by sturdy, binding goals. I run unimpeded through virgin paths. My spirit unconquered - my soul forever free. I AM THE HORSE.
Clary Sage, Black Pepper & Frankincense
The Sheep
I am nature's special child. I trust and am rewarded by trust. Fortune smiles upon my countenance. All things blossom in the gentleness of my love. I strive to find beauty in all I behold. I am fair of face and full of grace. I AM THE SHEEP.
Rose, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang
The Monkey
I am the seasoned traveler of the Labyrinth. The genius of alacrity, wizard of the impossible. My brilliance is yet unmatched in its originality. My heart's filled with potent magic that could cast a hundred spells. I am put together for mine own pleasure. I AM THE MONKEY.
Blue Tansy, Tangerine & Ylang Ylang
The Rooster
I am on hand to herald in the day and to announce its exit. I thrive by clockwork and precision. In my unending quest for perfection all things will be restored to their rightful place. I am the exacting taskmaster, the ever-watchful administrator. I seek perfect order in my world. I represent unfailing dedication. I AM THE ROOSTER.
Clary Sage, Sandalwood & Frankincense
The Dog
The martial strains have summoned me to hear your sorrows, still your pain. I am the protector of Justice. Equality-my sole friend. My vision is never blurred by cowardice, my soul never chained. Life without honor is life in vain. I AM THE DOG.
Rose Geranium, Bergamot & Oakmoss

The Boar
Of all God's children I have the purest heart. With innocence and faith, I walk in Love's protective light. By giving of myself freely I am richer and twice blest. Bonded to all mankind by common fellowship, my goodwill is universal and knows no bounds. I AM THE BOAR.
Orange Blossom Absolute & Vanilla Absolute


Astrological House Essences,
First House/Ascendant
The lens through which we view the world and the Universe. Recognition of yourself as a unique individual. How you tend to approach life, your beliefs conscious or not, that "this is what life is all about". What you are looking for in the world. How you tend to react to anything new in life. The beginning of the "Soul Quest" that is your life. Qualities and energies that you need to develop that will support you in expressing the power and potential of your Soul Quest
Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange & Black Pepper
Second House
Developing a sense of self-worth and discovering what you truly value in life. Money, movable property of worth such as jewelry, anything of value that you can pick up and take with you. Your ability to attract the resources you need to navigate successfully through life. Your safety and security needs. What belief systems you have around money and possessions including prosperity consciousness or lack of same. How you may best go about earning a living. When a person learns to value the energies and symbolism of the sign on the cusp of this house (and the following sign if it is also found here) as well as any planets here or the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of this house, he/she can more easily attract those things which are of value to them.
 Jasmine, Vetiver & Oakmoss
Third House
Communication, symbols and concepts. The beginning of the desire to connect with Archetypes. The relationship you have with your immediate environment. How your verbal and non-verbal messages such as body language are received by others. Left brain activity. Curiosity and the urge to explore. Relationships with siblings and friends we view as brothers/sisters. Short distance travel.
Blue Tansy, Rose Geranium & Sandalwood
Fourth House/IC
The home of the Soul. Mother or Father (or both) can be found here. Roots, the need for a sense of place and belonging. How you feel about your home and being in a physical body. Skeletons in the family closet. How you feel about your family in general and how then tend to respond to you or perceive you. Whether or not you feel at home here on planet earth or more like a "stranger in a strange land". The archetypes that were activated early on in life.
Orange Blossom Absolute, Frankincense & Sandalwood
Fifth House
Children as well as creative offspring. Your urge to create and how you might best your own creativity. Your ability to attract creative solutions to problems rather than always following a set formula. The need for applause, to stand out or feel special in some way and how you might accomplish this in your life. Your ability to allow and enjoy pleasure and fun. Gambling, risk taking, as well as the fear of taking risks. Romance, your ability to attract and enchant others and how you can best go about doing this.
Jasmine, Blue Tansy & Sweet Orange
Sixth House
Your "true" vocation, what gives purpose and meaning to your everyday life. Health issues and how you tend to care for your body. Co-worker's, daily rituals, ability to be consistent and persistent or lack thereof. How you tend to view the finer details of life experiences or if you tend to miss the boat altogether in this respect (even if the boat happens to be the size of the Queen Mary!) What you need to do pay the bills and put food on the table as well as what you might be especially good at doing. How you serve others and what sort of service you attract in return from others. Pets and your relationships with animals in general, including totem animals.
Sweet Orange, Lime & Oakmoss
Seventh House/Descendant
Relationships, including marriage and business partnerships, any relationship that has a strong commitment. The sorts of people to whom you are attracted, what you are seeking in a partner/relationship. Meeting the archetype of "the other". The qualities you may have the most difficulty acknowledging and accepting within yourself.
Rose, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine
Eighth House
Sex, death and regeneration. Other people's values and beliefs, including those you have inherited from your family and culture. Other people's money. Inheritances. How you may gain and express your own personal power and how you experience others who express their own power. Whether you feel you are in control of your life or whether you feel that others have the power and control over you. The house you need to turn to when working to shift and transform deep seated patterns and issues.
Tangerine, Black Spruce & Oakmoss
Ninth House
The higher purpose that gives meaning to your life. Higher education, whether or not you enjoy learning new things. Universal Law as well as man made law. Religious beliefs. Synchronicity. Philosophy. How you might go about creating your own "luck and good fortune". Your beliefs and expectations as to how life and the Universe will respond to your needs and desires, both on a conscious as well as unconscious level. Foreign cultures and languages. The house of sight and vision for a new world.
Orange Blossom Absolute, Blue Tansy & Vanilla Absolute
Tenth House/MC
Career. Fame and reputation. How you desire to be seen by others. Expressing your authority in powerful and life enhancing ways or feeling crushed by authority figures. What you have come here to contribute to others. Mother or Father (or both). How you may approach your career or vocation as well as the qualities you need to develop more fully in order to receive grater recognition and respect from others.
Bergamot, Black Pepper & Jasmine
Eleventh House
Hopes and wishes. Groups and organizations. How you might tend to interact with others in group situations and how the group as a whole tends to respond to you. Your need to belong to something bigger than yourself, to fit in as a means of giving voice to the changes you would like to see in your life as well as in the world. The sorts of groups you are likely to be attracted to. Connecting with groups in order to expand your opportunities.
Blue Tansy, Tuberose Absolute & Linden Blossom Absolute
Twelfth House
Your need for seclusion, retreat, space. How you might go about creating a sense of sanctuary for healing and insight. Escapism and self-sabotage. How you can best approach working with your own subconscious as well as the shadow side for healing. Dreams, intuition, second sight. Feeling a sense of oneness with all of life and the Universe.
Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang & Angelica
With this aspect, it appears that two or more planets are sitting very close to one another in the chart. There is a sense of fusion, the planets involved must work closely with one another for better or worse. One planet can't act without the other(s) also acting along with it and is influenced by what the other planet(s) symbolize. Depending on the consciousness of the individual, this aspect may be acted out in very positive ways or the darker aspects of the planetary energies may be released into the life instead. The key is to understanding what each planet represents and then choosing ways to work with the higher aspects of each.
Blue Tansy, Rose Geranium & Lime
This aspect can symbolise energies and talents that the individual has been born with yet may not appreciate or understand and thus allows to lie dormant. Some astrologers feel this aspect can be indicative of career talents. This aspect is also known as the Semi-Quintile.
Clary Sage, Blue Tansy & Oakmoss
This aspect represents creative tension between the planets involved. There can be a sense of unease, that things are not what they seem on the surface. The requirement here is for adjustment and yet this can lead to major transformations within the person's life.
Lime, Sweet Orange & Cedar
The Novile relates to the transcendental. This aspect can also impart charisma to someone who has aspect strong in the chart It is symbolic of the Mystical realms, those things that can be sensed but not seen with the physical eyes. Working with this aspect can help one to develop spiritually.
Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang & Orange Blossom Absolute
Planets in opposition tend to appear as though they have no common ground at all and yet they are really two sides of the same coin. The person who has one or more oppositions in their chart may feel they are continually called upon to make either/or choices in their lives. In order to have something, they feel they must give up something else that they also value highly. Or as with the Square, the individual may embrace one side of the coin and deny or project the other side thus attracting other people who can play out for them the side they have denied. The key here is understanding that in actuality both planets do share common interests though they have different methods and ways of pursuing those interests and goals. A person can work towards harnessing these energies which allows them to make great progress in life.
Clary Sage, Myrrh & Frankincense
This is an important aspect that represents the ability to be highly creative, even expressing Genius like qualities within the creative expression. (Mozart is a good example of this, having several Bi-Quintiles as well as Quintiles in his chart) There is a strong need to experiment, to do things differently than others and those who have several Quintiles in the natal chart do tend to be rather brilliant on several levels although slightly eccentric as well. Quintiles can indicate very strong spiritual gifts that the person has come in with and yet they must also be worked with consciously to bring forth their full potential.
Orange Blossom Absolute, Ylang Ylang & Rose
The planets involved in this aspect tend to be receptive to one another, there is a sense of understanding what the other wants and needs, yet this must be consciously worked with and developed in order for the individual to reap the full benefit. Planets in this aspect can help one another, and thus the individual, better understand the energies of the signs and houses they occupy. If the planets involved were people, they would most likely be somewhat curious and excited by what they sense the other person has to offer, yet this is not as strong as with the Sextile. New information can be gained however by working with this aspect that can be highly beneficial.
Blue Tansy, Sweet Orange & Lime
Here there is an indication of tension and a bit of irritation between the planets involved. This may be played out as minor conflicts with other people or niggling problems that one has a challenging time getting completely resolved. By working with the energies of the planets involved, the individual can also make great progress in smoothing the way in their outer world.
Sandalwood, Rose Geranium & Elemi
This aspect often appears in charts of people who have strong experiences of a sense of Divine Intervention or Deux ex Machina, experiencing the "Ghost in the machine". There is a tendency to be strongly attracted to spiritual or religious matters, also the ability to channel Higher sources of information and healing ability.
Sandalwood, Frankincense & Angelica
This is a sociable aspect. Planets involved in this aspect like one another and can encourage one another to express their energies in new and exciting ways. There is potential here for greater creativity including being more creative in how one approaches life in general and not just through arts and music.
Rose Geranium, Lavender & Lime
This is a highly tense aspect as the planets involved can be likened to two boxers squaring off in the boxing ring. The planets involved do tend to be rather pushy about getting their own way and over time, the person may embrace one planet and deny or project the other which leads to tensions in their outer world. Planets involved in a square aspect can learn to at least live with one another and like the opposition, the person can work with these planets by consciously expressing one planet when appropriate and the other planet when circumstances reflect the need for its energies.
Bergamot, Black Pepper & Cedar
Trine aspects are thought to be very harmonious and life enhancing which they indeed are yet they can also be areas where the individual is lazy and doesn't really feel the need to harness the potentials and gifts that the Trine aspects represent. Consciosuly working with Trine aspects can be of tremendous value to the individual, truly tapping into the availability of ease and flow that this aspect represents.
Tuberose Absolute, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

This aspect may help an individual to reconcile opposites or duality if consciously approached and worked with. Someone with an Undecile strong in the chart may otherwise react blindly to triggers without really understanding why they over-react to certain events. Yet when worked with this aspect can help someone find a much greater sense of balance within their own life. Undeciles may also indicate psychic or intuitive abilities.
Vanilla Absolute, Rose & Angelica



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